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I theorize that as the science of smart cars progress the car's A.I.
systems would start communicating with other  car's A.I, enhancing the
sensors that the cars have on board. Eventually you will have a traffic
information network that will warn your car of events, accidents or
whatnot. Already we have the beginning of such a system in Google Maps. But
this would be a Google map for smart cruise control. Basically the the car
will have more situational awareness then the passengers in the car.

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> >> Well, depends on what science fiction you’re looking at.  Something
> like the Jetsons, yes.  But Heinlein’s future history included smart cars
> (aircars, whatever) like Gay Deceiver in Number of the Beast.
> >
> > Incrementally?   These had human-typed intelligences.
> And eventually sentience and sapience, like the computer Mycroft in Moon
> Is a Harsh Mistress.  Gay’s situation was a little different, as she didn’t
> become fully a person until they’d been to Oz.  But I wasn’t addressing the
> incrementally part, just the distinction between a dumb car driven by a
> robot and a smart car that drives itself — that, essentially, is a robot
> (though not an android).
> Katherine
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