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     can I recommend a few films which – while fictional in some details
     – are factual where it comes to legal and parliamentary records.

     > Belle – a sort-of romance set against the final appeal of the
     “Zong” case which, while not ending slavery, made trafficking in
     slaves less profitable.

     > Amazing Grace – snip makes slavery itself much less profitable
     > Lincoln – an interesting compare-and-contrast with Amazing Grace,
     since it deals with a much shorter time line and US rather than UK
     parliamentary shenaningans.
     > Interestingly, NONE of these films shows actual slavery in action.
     (For that, you want “12 years a Slave” – which does not deal with
     trying to end slavery. Pause for contemplation of that.)

     Thanks for the film tips, sounds very interesting :-)
     Apparently the only way to stop atrocities is by making them
     unprofitable..Does that say something about humanity, or about
     What significance do you put on the fact the former films did not
     show slavery, while 12 yrs did?
     Off hand it seems that the first one had the legal struggles as
     their theme, while 12 yrs aimed to show to realities of slavery?
     That the slaves didn't do it, the overseers didn't do it, the owners
     didn't do it, and it wasn't a nice simple "well we've now decided
     slavery is dead", it was messy, it was compromised and yet somehow
     it sort of worked. By stages. Which was not " fair",  but it

   Sidelight: in the book of Exodus, the children of Israel wander round
   the desert for forty years to give time for the slave generation to die
   off, before they are ready to invade the promised land.  Ending slavery
   is not just an external manumission.

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