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100 miles away is 200 miles both ways .. roughly 50% of a typical tesla 
range ..

50% of 80 kWh = 40 kWh ..

assuming that the battery is empty

which is a bad assumption - first of all one should not drop battery 
charge that low unless absolutely necessary, so second - when you return 
from work or other ways on the day before the charge state will most 
likely more like 40 or 50% (so you actually could do the trip without 
charging .. ), so the charging problem is a lot less severe

we need to charge 40 kWh in 12 hours (typical night)

40/12 = 3,4 kW .. or 28 amps @ 120V / 14 A Q 250 V

yes that is a bit high wall for a regular wall socket

but i see a good number of wall sockets in this document that could do 
it at 20 A / 250 V - even two pole / two wire setups .. and a good 
number of 30 A / 120 V setups as well ..


but the 0 to 50% assumption is not a very realistic one .. first of all 
you would very likely charge your car up to 80% charge state every night 
.. which should give enough range to get to work and back and then to 
your brother and back without interim charging ..

bottom line - consider your typical charging needs and then consult with 
the local electrician .. before ordering an extra charger (which would 
need the electrician anyways for installation)



On 02.09.2021 15:35, brazee wrote:
>> On Sep 2, 2021, at 7:04 AM, baur baur <baur at chello.at 
>> <mailto:baur at chello.at>> wrote:
>> for the 3 days  in the year where you need 100% charge ASAP its 
>> probalby better to use the next public supercharger ..
> It depends upon the cost.   My brother lives 100 miles away.   I want to 
> be charged enough to visit him a couple of times per month without 
> relying on a public charger and sitting and waiting.    If I could do 
> that by having a dryer plug in my garage I’d do that.   If it required a 
> $5K Tesla plug, I’d have to reconsider (well, if I could afford a Tesla, 
> maybe that $5k wouldn’t matter).

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