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The question of anthropomorphic robots vs robotic tools and vehicles las a long history. Asimov wrote one of his essays about it. What his argument boiled down to was that since the robot brain was the most expensive part of the robot, the most economical thing was to use one brain for several purposes. Since tools and vehicles are designed to be used by humans, it makes sense that robots would, at least generally, have a human shape.
Unfortunately, for the good doctor, what is true for positronic brains in fiction is not true in RL. The computers that take the place of his brains are not that expensive, most of the cost is in software which is hard to write but easy to copy. A good robotic hand that can do everything a human hand can do is very expensive.

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> I must admit that I do not see why cars should be made automatic, except in certain set conditions and routes.
> Except for making someone lots of money.

If the cars are going to be used in certain set conditions and routes, then the costs will be there wherever the cars are.

Incrementally automatic cars are already saving lives.   Gradually making them smarter will save more lives.

Automatic cars that talk to each other and with the roads will handle traffic better.
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