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> the kobolds bother me - they seem either too much - not really belonging - or too little, as if there should have been more beings, more fairy tale and balance.

When you said this I realised that was what bothered me about them, too.  If there are kobolds in this world there should be all the rest - fairies, bogarts, gnomes et cetera.  If Thurl has the gift of seeing one species, maybe he should be able to see and talk to the rest too.   So the kobolds should stay in the mines where they belong, and he can find a more appropriate little friend in the city, maybe a house-sprite.

BTW, I have a pet theory that gremlins are the descendants of kobolds.  It's a well known evolutionary trick to be able to live where nobody else can, so kobolds, known to live in iron mines, were a variety of the little folk that evolved immunity to their people's well known ferrophobia.  Which put them ahead when the Industrial Revolution began to fill the world with iron, and they had a clear run at the new world of machines.  Playing tricks on mortals just the way they always did...

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