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> The distinction was blurred down to quite recent times: astrology was
> classed as hard science until well into the 18th Century.

There are arguments as to the precise point at which the modern conception
of science was adopted, but it's somewhere between a hundred fifty and two
hundred years ago.   Nothing, and I mean =nothing= before that was
scientific.  Which is why it bothers me so much when people like Isaac
Newton are described as scientists.  They weren't.  Proto-scientists at
best.  Newton spent the greater part of his career trying to replicate
alchemy and doing numerological manipulation on the Jewish scriptures to
find hidden meanings.  All of his 'scientific' work - meaning the ideas
that were later integrated into science - occurred in the earlier part of
his research.  Some have even suggested that exposure to mercury fumes in
the initial stages of alchemical research was responsible.

Newton was perhaps the last great Magician; he was not a scientist.

Matt G.

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