[LMB] The Spirit Right Chapters 1 and 2 - Contrasting Introductions

Edith khoreutees at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 3 11:37:39 BST 2021

On 03/09/2021 06:32, Matthew George wrote:
> Chapter 2 is where spontaneous, untrained, and 'natural' magic first
> appears.  Not only in the form of the kobolds, their abilities, and the
> prophecy they grant Thur - Thur seems to have the ability to sense veins of
> ore.

We later see that Thur's particular skill is in finding things. I saw 
his ability to sense the veins of ore as an extension of that - he is 
finding the ore - do others see it differently? I suppose other times it 
is mostly people we see him finding so it might be different.

I would note that at this stage even Thur is uncertain if what he is 
doing is magic or just imagination. Because we have seen Fiametta and 
her father working magic, I think the reader is encouraged to see it as 
magic, but the possibility of hallucination or imagination is there.

> And rather peculiarly, he gets a jolt of 'magic sense' when he first
> picks up the letter suggesting he apprentice himself, even before he reads
> it.  (IIRC)
I had read that caused by Fiametta's spell - as the counterpart to Uri 
handling the ring and thinking of Thur.
> This suggests that there's something objectively correct about the decision
> to take up the offer.  Perhaps the ore-sense is really more of a sense of
> what choice should be made?  Making him and Fiametta destined to be
> together cheapens their romance somewhat to me, and I'd prefer not to view
> it that way... but how else to explain that surge?

I don't necessarily see it as that they are destined for each other, at 
least not in the sense that it is inevitable. As I said above I see that 
surge as linked to Fiametta's ring, but for me that takes us back to 
Beneforte's observation that the spell reveals rather than creating true 
love. Later the Abbot says it isn't even that, but that it reveals a 
true heart. I wonder, does that change how we see the relationship and 
the influence of the spell over it? Thur at that point is convinced that 
his feelings for Fiametta are not the result of the spell (although, how 
does he know)? I suppose I see it as the spell tells us that Fiametta 
and Thur would be a good match and predisposes us to expect that they 
will pair up, but it doesn't force it. We still get to see them 
realising and choosing to act on this for themselves.

Or if you want a completely mundane explanation, the surge just could be 
Thur's imagination. He is warming up from near hypothermia and a hard 
day and so is susceptible to an offer to leave and imagines a physical 
manifestation of that.

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