[LMB] OT: Cars, independence, and haut bubbles

Elizabeth Holden alzurite at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 13:45:36 BST 2021

Tidsel said:

> However many countries do manage something in rural areas which
> is not perfect, but better than what you describe, so it is possible. And
> probably a much better solution that a driverless car with one person >
in it.

I'm trying to guess what countries and what methods you are thinking of
here. Could you elaborate?

In Canada, people often cite the vast distances between communities as the
reason for our lack of good transport and expensive costs. Personally, I
think our country was born from the railway system and should return to it
for low cost and efficient movement of goods and people. Relatively

But it still isn't an efficient way to link small rural communities.


Elizabeth Holden <azurite at azurite.ca>

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