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Remember the name the Kobolds gave Thur, “Metal Master”. Also, the fact that he could sense metals through rock.

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> > When you said this I realised that was what bothered me about them,
> too.  If there are kobolds in this world there should be all the rest -
> fairies, bogarts, gnomes et cetera.
> Why?
> I wonder how many different varieties of fairies have been part of
> folklore.

I agree there seems to be a gap here, but I perceive it as more specific.

Kobolds, from what we see of them, would seem to be creatures of the
element of Earth, and we do get hints in the text of an underlying
Earth/Air/Fire/Water system. If Thur has an affinity to the element of
Earth (which goes along with his being a miner and metalworker, and being
able to do things like sense ore in the rock), it makes sense that he'd
have a connection with the kobolds.

But in that case, where are the Salamanders for Fiametta? It's equally
obvious she has a strong affinity with the element of Fire, but she gets
nothin'. Not a flicker.

Air... Monreale's birds? His and Lord Pia's bats?

Water ...  We have the lake right there, but nary a ripple.

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