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My case is similar. I get all my prescriptions mail order from my health 
plan's (HealthFirst New York) pharmacy, which is CVS-Caremark. They 
contact my doctors when the prescriptions run out. Occasionally I must 
goose the doctor to get the prescription refilled, but it usually works 
out in the end.


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>When I run out of prescriptions my pharmacist will call my doctor to get
>renewed.  Most of the time no problem. Sometimes my Doctor will want to see
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>>  Doctors want to see you at least once a year. However, I can ask the dr to
>>  renew the prescription or the pharmacy to ask for a renewal.
>>  This has not happened to you before? I have multiple maintenance scrips,
>>  and it happens all the time.
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>>  > I am running low on test strips and decided to get more. When I checked
>>  my pharmacy I was told that my prescription had run out and that they had
>>  to get a new one from my doctor. The only reason I use a prescription is
>>  that that is the only way that my insurance will pay and the cost of the
>>  strips without insurance is 20+ cents each. These are test strips! I truly
>>  doubt that there is a large black market. Also, why would the prescription
>>  run out? I'll be testing for the rest of my life.
>>  >
>>  > William A Wenrich
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>>  can do no other. God help me.
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