[LMB] OT: Cars, independence, and haut bubble

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One of the nice things about living in Brooklyn is that I no longer need 
a car. I have not had one for 26 years. When I was working out on Long 
Island I did, but no longer. I have two buses and a subway stop on my 
corner and then there is MTA Access-A-Ride which will give me a taxi 
ride to anywhere in New York City for $2.75. A car requires continuous 
upkeep and a place to park it, which is difficult in my neighborhood. 
And then there is Lyft and Uber...


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>On 02.09.2021 21:32, Walter Stuart Bushell wrote:
>>>90++% of all use cases do not need a dedicated charger
>>>how many miles do you (on average) drive every day? and how many hours
>>>(on average) is the car sitting in your garage or driveway every day?
>>>this - or a little bit more - is what the "at home" charger should be
>>>built for .. and in most cases a regular wall plug is enough for that ..
>>Better for many would be a taxi service call a car and it picks you up,
>>thus no capital cost
>that is an entirely different branch of this discussion .. self driving cars are independent form the means of powering the vehicle ..
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