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> > I must admit that I do not see why cars should be made automatic, except
> in certain set conditions and routes.
> > Except for making someone lots of money.
> If the cars are going to be used in certain set conditions and routes,
> then the costs will be there wherever the cars are.
> Incrementally automatic cars are already saving lives.   Gradually making
> them smarter will save more lives.
> Automatic cars that talk to each other and with the roads will handle
> traffic better.
> --

Airplanes are more & more automated. (Recently read Flying Finish by Dick
Francis, where the automatic pilot is mentioned)

Planes have set conditions & routes, far more than cars.
However, they move through all sorts of weather conditions.
How does this affect the argument?

Sylvia - doesn't pilot a plane or drive a car, but enjoying the discussion

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