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Yes, this is normal. I'm pretty sure that in Massachusetts, a doctor can't
write a Rx with refills with more than a year's supply. So they either have
to see you, or renew the prescription for you. I'm also diabetic and using
a continuous glucose monitor (Dexcom), so I hardly ever test anymore, but I
do keep test strips and a meter on hand. Price per strip can be anywhere
from ten cents to a dollar depending which strips and meter you use.

Just remember it's much, much worse for insulin, which has increased
ten-fold in price over the past 20 years. And "Wal Mart" insulin at
$25/bottle is OK in a pinch, but absolutely not as good as modern insulins,
and probably should not be used in a pump.

There may be a black market as I have seen the "Medicare patient only, not
for resale" strips turn up on various sales sites. And there are also some
"pay it forward" groups on Facebook etc. where people can send extra
supplies to those who are in need of them. It's not legal, but there is a
need. I've "paid it forward" a couple of times.


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> Doctors want to see you at least once a year. However, I can ask the dr to
> renew the prescription or the pharmacy to ask for a renewal.
> This has not happened to you before? I have multiple maintenance scrips,
> and it happens all the time.
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