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On Fri, 3 Sep 2021, Sylvia McIvers wrote:
> Airplanes are more & more automated. (Recently read Flying Finish by Dick
> Francis, where the automatic pilot is mentioned)
> Planes have set conditions & routes, far more than cars.
> However, they move through all sorts of weather conditions.
> How does this affect the argument?

There are a number of pilots who put out regular YouTube videocasts about 
commercial aviation. I can recommend the channels by

"Captain Joe" 

and in particular Mentour Pilot

Mentour has released a whole series of videos recently examining crashes 
and near-crashes and what led to them -- and how pilots managed to 
get themselves out of unexpected conditions that weren't their fault.

They're quite addictive.

But the major point one gets out of these is how much aviation is 
essentially imposing order on chaos.
- Training for less-common events, 
- checklists for contingencies,
- two pilots both of whose concerns must be considered valid (a master 
pilot who didn't listen has been shown to be a major contributor to some 
- following the checklists for all sections of the flight, and
- working carefully with air traffic control, including asking permission 
for any notable changes in flight path/altitude

And if something goes wrong, each country has a government agency which 
carefully figures out why and how to avoid the problem in the future, 
publishes its findings, and ensures that they are incorporated into pilot 
training and retraining.

Aviation today is exactly the opposite of "winging it" - which is why it's 
reasonably safe despite weather and other problems.


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