[LMB] OT: Cars, independence, and haut bubble

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Fri Sep 3 20:32:56 BST 2021


Well, maybe things really did work that way in Europe.  I'm pretty sure US
mail service has declined specifically because it's used so much less.  And
the Post Office was legally prevented from charging higher rates or
branching out into alternative communications.  I know a guy who is
convinced that the Post Office ought to have established a
taxpayer-supported network backbone across the US and provided access to
the Internet as a basic utility.  But it couldn't and didn't happen.

For a long time, it was illegal for anyone to compete with the US mail
service.  But then restrictions were relaxed, and voila! competitors sprung

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> My experience of this is that it is exactly the other way around. People
> and firms use IT more and more because the post got so terrible.
> It is not like there was a choice.

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