[LMB] OT: Cars, independence, and haut bubble

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>> In my part of the world it is the postal system, which has gone from
>> delivery twice a day to twice a week - at impossible prices and lousy
>> service..
>When postal service was frequent, there were no alternatives.  The
>introduction of phone service, email, texting, and the gradual increase in
>accessibility and decrease in price for these services, has meant physical
>mail is used less and less.  And that means less of a demand pushing for
>quality, speed, and cheapness.
>Monopoly works in strange ways, sometimes.  There is such a thing as an
>economy of scale.

At the time Doyle was writing the Holmes novels, there were four
collections/deliveries in much of London.

It was possible to invite someone to dinner, receive a reply asking
"What time?", replying, and getting acceptance all in the same day.
The trouble with these "I'm a bigger asshole than you are"
contests is that they are winnable."  - Christopher J. Henrich

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