[LMB] OT: Cars, independence, and haut bubbles

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Part of the difference is size and attitude. The old saying that in the US a hundred years is a long time and a hundred miles is a short distance is true. I can’t get out of NM in a hundred miles. In Europe, they might go to three countries. Brian’s current job is in Santa Fe. When he can’t work from home, he has about a 180 mile round trip.
The last mile problem may be greater here. I usually buy groceries by the week. The store I usually shop at is about a mile and a quarter away, walking distance, but I really can’t carry a full weeks worth of groceries.
I pick up two of my granddaughters after school every day and It’s 8.7 miles away.
The bus schedule doesn’t permit commuting except in special cases.
Albuquerque Rapid Transit even before COVID was years late, many millions over budget, and forced many small businesses along its route to close. (As I said this was even before COVID.) It only serves a small corridor. I doubt people will vote the money for extensions.

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> > individual choices and the public sphere intersect.
> tidsel said:
> > Except in many cases one is dependent on another, and the individual >
> choice is not really a choice.
> Yes, exactly. Therein lies one of the problems.
> Most people have chosen the individual car as a solution, albeit an

Most American people.  Less so in various other countries.  Both choices
shaped by the political choice to support cars (building wide roads and
freeways, providing lots of cheap or free car parking, creating
jaywalking laws, giving cars a free pass on pollution) or alternatives
(public transit, traffic calming, safe bike paths, high gas taxes,
market-based parking...)

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