[LMB] Writers and moral problems

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On Wed, 25 Aug 2021 16:33:42 +0000, Gwynne Powell
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>Totally irrelevant side note (because I love this story): There was a convict
>in Australia, when the colony was young, who was sentenced to death. When
>they tried to string him up the rope broke. So they did it again: the next rope
>broke. And the next one. After three tries it was seen as a sign from God and
>he was released. (I've always assumed that somebody involved in the rope
>preparation was on his side.) I've heard it mentioned in passing that the
>'three tries and you're safe' rule was used in other places, too - more as a
>form of superstition than as a law on the books, but when you're dealing with
>death you can be a bit superstitious sometimes.

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