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>From comments in the text, about 2 - 3 thousans years ago a catastrophe  hit, destroying the existing civilization, creating the Barrens, seeding the continent with dormant Malices, and generally screwing things up.  
Since then two complementary societies have emerged; the farmers, the bulk of the population, who farm, ranch, and do everything in general.
The other society is the Lakewalkers,  who concentrate on hunting and killing Malices when they emerge. The run their own camps, and economy, and try to remain genetically pure, as they are the only ones who can resist the mental powers of Malices. They can make a weapon that can kill a Malice, but it requires the death of two Lakewalkers, one to provide bones, the other to charge the weapon.
Since Malices are so destructive, the Lakewalkers are hesitant to experiment with the tech they have. - no surprise -  Then Dag Redwing meets Fawn Bluefield....

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  On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 10:22 PM, Raymond Collins<rcrcoll6 at gmail.com> wrote:   I am pretty hazy on how Malices started, so I could be wrong, however I
assume someone accidentally or on purpose set off a magical apocalypse
which resulted in the beginning of the Malice. This might result in some
hesitancy to experiment with life forces. Or I could be talking out of my
south side.

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> >It seems that the Lakewalker "authorities" don't want to experiment, but
> to
> >just keep doing what they have been doing.
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