[LMB] Birthday tixie

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 16:04:54 BST 2021

The Tixie comes out and proclaims:

Today, in 1966, our fellow listie Phil Boswell was born, and in 2009, Bill
Wenrich's granddaughter Hazel came into the world.

For your birthdays, you are invited to a formal feast at the Imperial
Palace on Barrayar.  You will be provided with appropriate clothing and
coached on Barrayaran etiquette.  Be sure to arrive hungry---the Emperor
has borrowed Ma Kosti's services as overall chef-in-charge.  Be careful of
the drinks, though.  They're bottled lightning.

After the feast, there will be a formal dance and party in your honor.  If
you want, you can try the Barrayaran dances, or you can merely mingle and
get to know people.

Happy birthday.

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