[LMB] OT: The End of Slavery

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 06:23:38 BST 2021

On Sat, Sep 4, 2021 at 6:22 PM B Van Look <vanlook19 at gmail.com> wrote:

> > But being identified as abusive just makes that individual puff up with
> pride and a sense of "winning," whereas pointing out the fallacy in their
> logic drives the point home far more effectively.

But you haven't demonstrated the existence of any fallacy.  And "pointing
out" a fallacy that you haven't demonstrated only makes you look foolish,
which only demonstrates that the 'abuse' is accurate.

Either you lack the capacity to recognize the absurdity of your own
behavior, or you haven't chosen to engage your capacities enough to meet
the trivial requirements of recognition.  Stupidity-by-lack or
stupidity-by-choice.  Does it matter which?

Do you really think that anyone derives any satisfaction from refuting
stupid arguments?  It's not a victory, it's a grim and rather unrewarding
duty.  Even taking candy from a baby might provide enjoyment to a
sufficiently petty and vicious person.  This is more like already having
candy and the baby not being present.

Matt G.

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