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And that was astounding!  It's clear from context (this is canon) that Lakewalker society has stagnated, while Farmer society was advancing. Farmers had developed cast iron and wrought steel, window glass,  and ( to me) are on the verge of steam power.  
Dag's  development as a Mage means that Lakewalker society will start developing; growing with the new opportunities that shield necklaces and sharing arrows bring.  Knife Children show another change; half-blood children are now accepted into Lakewalker society, provided they can show some level of groundsense.  What else will appear?

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  On Sun, Sep 5, 2021 at 7:22 AM, Karen A. Wyle<kawyle at att.net> wrote:   In Bracketyjack's excellent recent fanfic Giving Ground, a willing patrol carried an experimental knife to use on a sessile malice, with a reliable backup close at hand.
Karen A. Wyle
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> >It seems that the Lakewalker "authorities" don't want to experiment, but
> to
> >just keep doing what they have been doing.
> Grandma's Ham.
> "We've always done it like this."

Consider the cost of experimentation.  They have good reason not to want to
waste a death, or risk the survival of a malice.  Ham is relatively cheap,
and the worst potential cost is the waste of a meal's focus dish.

Matt G.

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