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Mon Sep 6 17:48:48 BST 2021

WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:
> To jump series, Penric, Desdemona, Nikys, Idrene, Rina, and Llewelyn are
> together. Mother?s-in-law are usually portrayed as antagonists. That?s
> definitely not my experience.

There's a lot of variability there.  My mother-in-law was the first
person in literally a couple of decades to get me angry enough to yell.
She accused me of "abusing" my wife, who was then gravely ill with
sepsis, because I was following my wife's preferences by continuing
with the antibiotics, instead of giving in to my MIL's demand that the
antibiotics be discontinued in favour of magic herbal oil applied to
the feet.  As it turned out, MIL wasn't even using the magic herbal oil
according to its manufacturer's instructions, and it was causing severe
irritation and skin peeling.  Concentrated cinnamon oil and clove oil
will do that.

In my occasional moments of creativity, I've been poking at plotting out
a YA novel.  My protagonist's mother is based partially on my late MIL,
at least in her narcissism.  The mother isn't *evil*, but she's very
blind with regard to treating people as people instead of as tools
to be used as needed.  Including, unfortunately, my protagonist, who
will have been "used" from day 0.  And will be facing not only the
direct consequences of that, but the indirect consequences of being
closely associated with the woman who had such negative effects on the


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