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> It's very easy to condemn characters that think educating women was a
> waste.  But, for quite a long part of European history, it =was=.  (Other
> world cultures are too complex for me to say anything about.)  There's no
> point in giving young women skills they won't have an opportunity to use.

There's also education _for what_?  Fiametta is getting a lot of practical
training in art and household management (we see later on when she's
talking things over with Thur that he's very surprised at just how much
thought she's put into this).  Not being educated in the liberal arts is
not the same thing as not being educated at all.

Not until women have the freedom to not spend their entire lives gestating
> and caring for children do their non-homemaking skills matter.  And that's
> determined by when infant mortality is reduced to the point that people can
> reasonably expect an infant to survive to adulthood.

It's worth noting that the women's rights revolution in the 19th century
followed not very long after the development of mechanical weaving and
spinning, and preceded the demographic transition by decades.  Freeing up
time from spinning and weaving opened up huge new opportunities.  (Girls
were spinning from about age 4, and weaving from not too much later,
because if they didn't nobody had clothes, which had many undesirable

ObNotSpiritRing - look at the amount of weaving Fawn does regularly
throughout the Sharing Knife books!

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