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I've seen renaissance paintings of women doing sewing, weaving and
needlework. I suspect this pretty much crossed most of the social classes.
The production of clothing, bedding and tapestries. The Bayeux Tapestry was
probably stitched by women.

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> > > I believe that I have seen references to women busy at with tasks that
> literacy would make easier.
> Well, sure, that does not mean that they were given the chance.
> The wives of nobles could find themselves overseeing the family castle
> while her husband was away.
> To my knowledge, the noblemen were not themselves literate often enough.
> Of course it depends on where and when. But it is my impression that you
> had clerics for that.
> >Wives of merchants and craftsmen were involved in their husbands’ work.
> Sure, and some had their own profession. So that was an education. But if
> you talk a bookish education, I think it was extremely rare for women to
> get the chance.
> > True, the vast majority of women were peasants or serfs working on the
> farm, they would be illiterate, but so were all such men as well.
> Yes, In the UK, ordinary schooling for kids did not happen until 18eens
> something and I think it was like that in many European countries.
> BMJ, though of course writing fiction, may have been inspired by this
> when, in a discussion between female characters about The time of
> Isolation, one of them says "so nice to be able to read and write, you
> know."
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