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On Tue, 7 Sep 2021, tidsel via Lois-Bujold wrote:
> Speaking of which, I remember how hesitant I were to start reading Chalion, wondering if I could make the jump from starships into something so entirely different. And I found that once in, I could not put it down..
> Same with Paladin of Souls. I was really impressed - so many authors stick to what has worked for them, and do not experiment. But I could not handle The Hallowed Hunt, being extremely sensitive to animal abuse. It ruins many wonderfully good books for me. Does anyone else have this particular problem?

I don't enjoy reading about animal abuse and certainly would prefer it not 
be included, but it doesn't completely stop me from reading something.

OTOH, I was listening to a few audiobooks of Dana Stabenow novels during 
this pandemic, and decided that while I enjoyed her Kate and Liam Alaska 
mysteries, her SF, and her Silk Road historicals, I did not like her 
thrillers (Blindfold Game and Prepared for Rage) - at all. The violent 
torture and murder in those two books -- including being done by some of 
the "good" guys -- really turned my stomach.


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