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> But I could not handle The Hallowed Hunt, being extremely sensitive to animal abuse. It ruins many wonderfully good books for me. Does anyone else have this particular problem?

I had to leave during the first act of Long Day’s Journey Into Night. I can’t do horror at all. 

While neither an alcoholic nor drug addict (keep away from the lobster, saffron, theobromine, and dairy and no one gets hurt), the tense situation in the home and the mother’s behavior hit too close to home to my mood disorder. 

I do not find novels or film about abusers, bigots, and slavery as the central conflict comfortable, and prefer to avoid them—not entertaining, just brings up bad memories and makes me tense. I don’t seek out stories with unlikeable central characters: get enough of that IRL!

Abigail Padgett’s mysteries about Bo Bradley, a Child Protective Services investigator with bipolar disorder weren’t tragedies about madness. Nothing involving suffering kids went into sufficient detail to leave me with nightmares. There’s enough hope.

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