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Wed Sep 8 03:09:10 BST 2021

On Tue, 7 Sep 2021, Matthew George wrote:
> Numeracy is even more complicated; carrying out arithmetic with the Roman
> numeral system was awful.

They didn't have to - they used an abacus.

According to 
the abacus was reintroduced to Europe before 1000AD by Gerbert d’Aurillac 
(c. 946-1003), archbishop of Rheims and chancellor of France, well-known 
as Pope Sylvester II. "Due to Gerbert’s reintroduction, the abacus became 
widely used in Western Europe once again during the 11th century."

I found this amusing woodcut:

Gregor Reisch: Madame Arithmatica, 1508
(*woman* calculating with an abacus)


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