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Bic made lighters and I do believe it was used in advertising in the 70's.
It was the first disposable lighter on the market.

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> > Kleenex.  Jello.  Xerox.  (That one's pretty obsolete.)
> My husband Kurt and and I met while working at Xerox in Pasadena, in two
> different computer/software divisions, in the mid-‘80s.
> Coincidentally, my sister worked in inbound marketing for office supplies
> for Xerox in the late ‘80s. I managed to make up a months-long silence
> while making an order for supplies, calling her directly from my temp job.
> She did figure it was me after a few minutes.
> None of us worked nights in reproduction.
> Then he worked for Ricoh, another photo-optics firm which makes
> copier-printers—but in software R&D. His Japanese nickname was Kato(-san),
> short a as in cat, rather than long a as in Kato, sidekick to the Green
> Hornet. He tactfully did not tell them the last association.
> Xerox is not obsolete for us, even in its continuing corporate
> obsolescence.
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