[LMB] Women and education

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Wed Sep 8 20:40:15 BST 2021

On Wed, 8 Sep 2021, Kenton Schoen wrote:
> As a teenager, Jane Austen wrote, I guess for her younger siblings, a
> History of England.  It's quite short and very opinionated.  What prompts
> me to write today are the thoughts she included on Mary, Queen of Scots and
> Elizabeth I.  Basically she loved Mary and hated Liz!  Maybe it was all
> satire!

Probably not a satire -- Mary QoS was regarded as a tragic and highly 
romantic heroine for many years, much more than Elizabeth I. My impression 
is that their relative popularity has shifted more recently -- perhaps as 
the 20th Century was referred to as the Second Elizabethan Age in 
Britain, or simply because of the efforts of historians/biographers 
none-too-impressed with Mary.


Alayne McGregor
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What we need is a tough new kind of feminism with no illusions. ... We
need a kind of feminism that aims not just to assimilate into the
institutions that men have created over the centuries, but to infiltrate
and subvert them. -- Barbara Ehrenreich

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