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> There is what was called an improvement to the “new” math that came out, I believe, in the ‘70s and ‘80s. 

> Another point example is, if you are solving the equation 22-7=x, you first say that that’s the same as 10+12-7 and instead of memorizing that 12-7=5 the student is told to solve 10-7=3 and 3+2=5. Then 10+5=15 to get the answer. All perfectly sound but more work.

Not a great way to enlist kids in liking/enjoying math/finding its beauty. As a way to learn a language, I find it burdensome. Closest equivalent I can come up with is having to explain with each accented French word why the accent is present and what old spelling it replaces. In UK English, including the the original spellings of Brighton (Brithelmstone) and Fanshaw (Featherstonhaugh). In the US, perhaps the reasoning behind 84, PA.

It’s almost as if they have to do proofs—never my strong point.

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