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> Thanks for your answers, I felt like a kind of reality check on this - and other 'sensitivities' or whatever to call it - and I gather not a few people have their hot spots they
> need to avoid, being it books or films.

Happy to validate feelings/experience.

I hated Othello for the innocents’ insecurities being manipulated by Iago, for the malice towards them  and where it led.

For a stellar actor (and the ones in mind are all British), I might be convinced to watch Richard III again. Nothing good came of these two plays.

Coriolanus was a brittle object lesson, and I can do without its lesson, being the wrong demographic.

OTOH, Hamlet and The Scottish Play (cue Blackadder episode Sense & Senility) are considerably more complex—more story arcs, I suppose—and I do understand after watching Branagh’s version of the former, why it is usually performed abridged: for sheer length, approaching 4 hours. In ‘76, I think, I saw Vanessa Redgrave, at the major downtown LA theater venue of the time, as Lady MacBeth. I still recall how eerie the Three Witches scene was. Excellent use of sound and guy wires. I was in the nosebleed seats that are almost affordable to tight-budget students.

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