[LMB] Birthday Tixie

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>The Tixie comes in from observing the beautiful late summer/early autumn
>day, and says:
>Today in an undisclosed year, our fellow listie Gwynne Powell was born!
>Gwynne, for your birthday, you get to tour MVK Enterprises' newest project,
>the raised-and-renovated old Impsec building.  You'll get to shudder at the
>ghastly architecture, and probably agree that the architect was a few
>bricks shy of a load, if not downright doolally.
>Inside, you can wonder at the displays set up, and contemplate the taste
>with which Mark and his design team have turned humdrum offices into
>inviting nooks.  Down in the basement, you can shudder at the recreated
>cells, and at the waxwork figures of Mad Yuri and his goon squad.
>Afterwards, you will be treated to dinner at Vorkosigan House, cooked by Ma
>Kosti herself.  Miles is off doing Auditorial things, but you will get to
>meet  his children and talk with the Count and Countess, who're at  home
>for some Council-of-Counts business.  Ivan sends his regards, but he's
>Happy birthday!

Was that architect perchance BS Johnson?

And happy birthday, Gwynne.


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