[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 10 12:29:24 BST 2021

From: Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com>

Thank you! The ImpSec building will be fascinating - but possibly just
a bit uncomfortable (which, ironically, is the feeling that Mark also
inspires in most people.) The birthday lunch will be wonderful, the
company absolutely fantastic, and I'll have the most amazing tour of
Vorkosigan House.

No Miles or Ivan? Well.... probably for the best. If Ivan was there I'd
probably be a bit too distracted.

And thank you, it was a lovely day - there and here. My family are
divas at online shopping, and despite the fact that we're all locked
down, they gave me a great birthday - I had deliveries all day. Flowers,
pumpkin scones with jam and cream, Port, Tequila and Vodka,
several cocktail mixes and a jar of dried limes, ribs with all the sides
and four different flavours of ice cream!  (My family also now understand
the joys of living in a rural area. You'd be amazed how many firms
don't deliver out here. It's not that far out, but they all stop at the
river. In the past I've pointed out, patiently, that we have bridges,
they don't have to swim across to deliver anything. But... no. Anyway,
my family triumphed.)  And I had lots of Facetime, too. So, all in
all, a great day despite the conditions.

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