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>> To be specific:   In Cordelia’s Honour,  there is a discussion of religion
>> between Ezar and Cordelia along the lines of Theism is really tough and
>> atheism is a comforting religion.    Cordelia’s theism surfaces in
>> throwaway remarks thereafter.
> As there isn't a convenient word for 'not believing in an afterlife',
> 'theism' has to stand in.

? I think you have the meaning of that Ezar and Cordelia exchange reversed. Ezar found atheism comforting because death was the end (no eternal punishment in Hell).

>> In FF, the specific reference to the Christian parable of the Lost Lamb is
>> used when Leo is deciding to retrieve Tony.  Further references make it
>> clear that the workers in the lab include at least one Buddhist, probably
>> one Hindu, and the main villain seems to worship only his own self-interest.
> His =unenlightened= self-interest.

Self-interest, without modification, is unenlightened.

>> Here,  Ethan’s religion is the bedrock for all that he does, even although
>> we get very few details (it seems to have grown from a fairly right-wing
>> misreading of a couple of biblical passages ).
> The association of male-only monasteries and the name 'Athos' is at least a
> thousand years older than the descriptive political category 'right-wing'.
> And the idea that the female presence contaminates, in an organized
> religious context, is much, much older than that.
> Ethan's religion is an offshoot of Orthodox Christianity, probably from a
> Greek cultural background.  I don't recommend suggesting to theologians of
> that faith that their religion stems from a 'misreading of a couple of
> biblical passages'.  You'll lose the argument.  And possibly some teeth.

Since it is the offshoot that did the misreading, not the original faith (and why do you conclude that  it was Eastern Orthodox?), your comment suggests either a misreading on your part or a desire to be offensive.


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