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On Sat, Sep 11, 2021 at 11:59 AM Robert Woodward <
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> ? I think you have the meaning of that Ezar and Cordelia exchange
> reversed. Ezar found atheism comforting because death was the end (no
> eternal punishment in Hell).

Yes, thank you for the correction.  I truncated the 'a' away from the
'theism' there.

Self-interest, without modification, is unenlightened.

No, it's merely self-interest.

> Since it is the offshoot that did the misreading, not the original faith
> (and why do you conclude that  it was Eastern Orthodox?)

Beg pardon?  Are you not familiar with the actual Mt. Athos, and its

> your comment suggests either a misreading on your part or a desire to be
> offensive.


Matt G.

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