[LMB] Spirit Ring - Fathers & Daughters

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 20:15:55 BST 2021

It's clear that Beneforte is unconventional enough not to mind his daughter
spending her time learning about his trade, but too conventional to
consider her as a true apprentice.  (Or maybe he's just too cheap to
register her.)  He's still thinking that his apprentice will be the young
man she marries and brings into the family, rather than considering
Fiametta his true heir.  Shocking, by today's standards, but compatible
with the quasi-historical setting.  This is in a sense his problem - he
goes outside the bounds of the normal, but not quite far enough.

Who was it that noted protagonists in fairy tales often lose their parents,
and almost always their mothers?  Fiametta's going to have to face the
world alone soon enough.

Matt "except for Jack, with the beanstalk" G.

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