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Sat Sep 11 23:39:18 BST 2021

Becca asked:

> Would it be possible for someone to post a list of books mentioned, for
> those of us who missed it?

I'll list what I remember and what I made notes of,  others can add to my

I said I'd just finished "The Hero and the Crown" by Robin McKinley, and
recommended it.

Raymond is reading "The Annotated American Gods" by Neil Gaiman,
annotations by Leslie S. Klinger, which he found for sale cheap. Lucky
find. He's getting a work-out lifting the huge thing.

We talked about Terry Pratchett for a while. Some people hadn't read
Pratchett at all and asked where to start - especially after we all said
the first Discworld book, "The Colour of Magic", isn't very good. Then we
promptly began talking about what is good in it - the Luggage! - and
disagreeing what books were best to start with. I suggested Guards! Guards!
or Witches Abroad or Going Postal. By the time we had (probably) mentioned
everything Pratchett ever wrote, I think we had totally confused the
newcomers. I should have mentioned The Wee Free Men as a good one to start

We also discussed A. Bertram Chandler ("Kelly Country"), Jack Vance,
Heinlein (who was the first SF a lot of people read), Sharon Lee's
Carousel, and a Bujold fanfic on AO3 called "The Saint, the Scholar, and
the Whale" by Neotama,

Also "The Nargun and the Stars" and "The Ice is Coming" by Patricia

I mentioned the Dumarest of Terra books by E.C. Tubb - we were discussing
unfinished series - and I learned that there is one I haven't read,
published in French but not English, called (I looked this up on WIkipedia)
"Le Retour". It was published in English at "The Return". I had no idea.
I'm going to try to find it, in one language or the other. It sounds as if
Tubb *did* get Dumarest back to Earth. Hot damn.

I also have a some illegible scribbles of names I cannot decipher. Lost to
history now, unless someone else remembers.


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