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Thank you, Elizabeth!

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> Becca asked:
> > Would it be possible for someone to post a list of books mentioned, for
> > those of us who missed it?
> I'll list what I remember and what I made notes of,  others can add to my
> list.
> I said I'd just finished "The Hero and the Crown" by Robin McKinley, and
> recommended it.
> Raymond is reading "The Annotated American Gods" by Neil Gaiman,
> annotations by Leslie S. Klinger, which he found for sale cheap. Lucky
> find. He's getting a work-out lifting the huge thing.
> We talked about Terry Pratchett for a while. Some people hadn't read
> Pratchett at all and asked where to start - especially after we all said
> the first Discworld book, "The Colour of Magic", isn't very good. Then we
> promptly began talking about what is good in it - the Luggage! - and
> disagreeing what books were best to start with. I suggested Guards! Guards!
> or Witches Abroad or Going Postal. By the time we had (probably) mentioned
> everything Pratchett ever wrote, I think we had totally confused the
> newcomers. I should have mentioned The Wee Free Men as a good one to start
> with.
> We also discussed A. Bertram Chandler ("Kelly Country"), Jack Vance,
> Heinlein (who was the first SF a lot of people read), Sharon Lee's
> Carousel, and a Bujold fanfic on AO3 called "The Saint, the Scholar, and
> the Whale" by Neotama,
> Also "The Nargun and the Stars" and "The Ice is Coming" by Patricia
> Wrightson.
> I mentioned the Dumarest of Terra books by E.C. Tubb - we were discussing
> unfinished series - and I learned that there is one I haven't read,
> published in French but not English, called (I looked this up on WIkipedia)
> "Le Retour". It was published in English at "The Return". I had no idea.
> I'm going to try to find it, in one language or the other. It sounds as if
> Tubb *did* get Dumarest back to Earth. Hot damn.
> I also have a some illegible scribbles of names I cannot decipher. Lost to
> history now, unless someone else remembers.
> namaste,
> Elizabeth
> Elizabeth Holden <azurite at azurite.ca>
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