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> On Sep 11, 2021, at 5:39 PM, Elizabeth Holden <alzurite at gmail.com> wrote:
> I said I'd just finished "The Hero and the Crown" by Robin McKinley, and
> recommended it.

I didn’t get to mention that in my opinion the very best Robin McKinley book is “Sunshine”. And if you want, Mark Oshiro reads it on Youtube, with his unique commentary. (He also reads “The Hero and the Crown” and its sequel, “The Blue Sword”.) It is one of my comfort reads.

> Raymond is reading "The Annotated American Gods" by Neil Gaiman,
> annotations by Leslie S. Klinger, which he found for sale cheap. Lucky
> find. He's getting a work-out lifting the huge thing.

I brought “American Gods” as my reading years ago when I went with my son on a Cub Scout day trip. Unfortunately I came down with food poisoning (from not sufficiently cooked chicken I was served the night before). Fortunately the site had good plumbing. But “American Gods” is ruined for me.
> We talked about Terry Pratchett for a while. Some people hadn't read
> Pratchett at all and asked where to start - especially after we all said
> the first Discworld book, "The Colour of Magic", isn't very good. Then we
> promptly began talking about what is good in it - the Luggage! - and
> disagreeing what books were best to start with. I suggested Guards! Guards!
> or Witches Abroad or Going Postal. By the time we had (probably) mentioned
> everything Pratchett ever wrote, I think we had totally confused the
> newcomers. I should have mentioned The Wee Free Men as a good one to start
> with.

I was the one who asked, and I’m not confused; just happy that there are multiple starting places.

Janet in TN

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