[LMB] Tea Party - books discussed

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 12 03:10:21 BST 2021

From: Jelbelser <jelbelser at comcast.net>

> We talked about Terry Pratchett for a while. Some people hadn't read
> Pratchett at all and asked where to start - especially after we all said
> the first Discworld book, "The Colour of Magic", isn't very good. Then we
> promptly began talking about what is good in it - the Luggage! - and
> disagreeing what books were best to start with. I suggested Guards! Guards!
> or Witches Abroad or Going Postal. By the time we had (probably) mentioned
> everything Pratchett ever wrote, I think we had totally confused the
> newcomers. I should have mentioned The Wee Free Men as a good one to start
> with.

I was the one who asked, and I?m not confused; just happy that there are multiple starting places.
Janet in TN

Gwynne: I have to say, if I'm starting a series I like to read them in internal
chronology order. And I think some of the books would lose a little if you
took them out of order.

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