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> I didn’t get to mention that in my opinion the very best Robin McKinley
book is “Sunshine”. And if > you want, Mark Oshiro reads it on Youtube,
with his unique commentary. (He also reads “The
> Hero and the Crown” and its sequel, “The Blue Sword”.) It is one of my
comfort reads.

Thanks for the tip.

> I brought “American Gods” as my reading years ago when I went with my son
>  a Cub Scout day trip. Unfortunately I came down with food poisoning
(from not sufficiently
> cooked chicken I was served the night before). Fortunately the site had
good plumbing. But > “American Gods” is ruined for me.

I loved "The Sandman" and many of Gaiman's short stories, but I found
"American Gods" unreadable. I recently read "The Ocean at the End of the
Lane" and more or less liked it, though it was really too much of a horror
novel for my tastes, albeit one with Gaiman's typical flashes of
brilliance. (I just don't like horror stories.) I liked "Stardust" well
enough, but what I really liked about it was the Charles Vess art. So I
have absolved myself of reading any more Gaiman novels; I'll stick to his
short stories. (Favourites so far: "Chivalry", "Toll-Bridge", and the one
about a teenage boy at a party with aliens; I forget the title.)

"Chivalry" is also the title of my favourite episode of the Highlander TV
show. Coiincidence? Not really.

I said:

>. By the time we had (probably) mentioned
> everything Pratchett ever wrote, I think we had totally confused the
> newcomers. I should have mentioned The Wee Free Men as a good one to start
> with.

> I was the one who asked, and I’m not confused; just happy that there are
multiple starting
> places.

Yes. My other message about the Discworld books was partially an attempt to
explain why we mentioned the ones we did - not just for quality but for
their positioning in starting storylines with the various themes and


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