[LMB] OT: Terry Pratchett

tidsel egern at protonmail.com
Sun Sep 12 11:38:56 BST 2021

> Really, there's nothing wrong with order of publication, as long as you
> remember that Pratchett didn't really hit his stride, thematically
> speaking, till the third or fourth Discworld book.
> namaste,
> Elizabeth

What an orderly introduction you give (snipped, though) and you are right, it took him some tries
to find his feet, but then he really got into it and he is one of my absolute favorite writers. His comments
about societies and people are priceless, and he  makes us laugh at ourselves.

I just finished 'The Truth' (about starting a newspaper - a new concept) and my fav remark is "The young man is also an idealist. He has yet to find out that what's in the public interest is not what the public is interested in.' I used to choke a bit on that one, and now - not least in pandemic times - it is close to making me cry rather than laugh I admit.
He has, as always, many striking remarks about his topic.

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