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> Well, I brought up Terry Pratchett and the book I was reading,  finished
> reading now, which was "The Shepherd's Crown"

Louann asked:

> What did you think? I also frequent some Pratchett groups, and there are a
> good number of people who still can't bear to read it because of it being
> the last.

Which is so very sad.

I enjoyed it, and thought it a fitting finale for Tiffany Aching, but I
didn't think it was as good as the earlier Tiffany Aching books. I thought
it seemed a little unpolished, or rushed, as if he really wanted enough
time for another draft or two... but didn't get the time.

That was just all part of the sadness of losing him.

> The overlap between Bujold fans and Pratchett fans doesn't surprise me a
> bit.

Oh, yes. Style and content are quite different, but themes? Not so much.
Central interests are personal moral choices, social change, how people
face opposition. I'd love to see Vetinari on Barrayar. (If he isn't already

 > "Sin is treating people as things." Granny Weatherwax and Countess
> Cordelia could have a very harmonious chat, despite their many differences
> of personality.

What a team! I'd like to see an encounter between Granny Weatherwax and
Miles, too. Or Ivan. Or Metzov.

> And any person or event that attracted unfavorable
> attention from *both* of them .... not even a grease spot left.

There might be a head in a sack.

> Now I'm imagining Granny slipping through some L-Space gate and finding
> herself in Silvy Vale a little before Miles arrives there as Count's
> I doubt she'd leave him anything to do. She can't be having with that.



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