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Sun Sep 12 18:08:31 BST 2021

>Gwynne: I have to say, if I'm starting a series I like to read them in
>chronology order. And I think some of the books would lose a little if you
>took them out of order.


> Except that in the case of Sir Terry he did not seem to hit his stride
> until at least _Equal Rites_,

Making that a good place to start.

> and _The Colour of Magic_ and _The Light
> Fantastic_ might have been written by a different, and FAR less
> brilliant, author. Certainly, I found them to be less interesting and
> enjoyable.

Yes.  I read on because I trusted my friends who recommended his works. I
think there's a steady improvement in his writing - and his thinking - for
a number of years, and then a glorious plateau.

So we who love the books fear that a newcomer will read The Colour of Magic
and The Light Fantastic, and wonder what the fuss is about, and not

That being said, there were books later in the series (or the series of
series) that I liked less than the others, and some I loved more. It's not
uneven, but... varied.


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