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>One reason the Church objected to translation of the Bible was that they
>were afraid that bad translations would lead to heresies arising.  There
>was some reason behind this.  Translations are inevitably not exact,
>particularly between non-related languages (such as Hebrew or Aramaic and
>an Indo-European language) and when vernacular Bibles began to appear, new
>"heresies" sprang up like mushrooms after a spring rain.
>The Church had no objection at all to Latinate laymen (there were actually
>quite a few of those, the more of them the higher you went in rank) reading
>the Bible.
>This is one reason that Muslims believe the only authoritative Quran is the
>original Arabic text.  Non-Arabic-speaking Muslims will read translations,
>but they go to Arabic-speaking scholars for interpretations.
But would not have been "poor" translations from the Hebrew and Aramaic 
of the Hebrew Bible into Latin?


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