[LMB] OT: The Bayeux Tapestry

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It obvious who made church vestments. Investors.

On Sun, Sep 12, 2021, 8:02 AM Elizabeth Holden <alzurite at gmail.com> wrote:

> Raymond Collins said, about the Bayeux Tapestry:
> > The Bayeux Tapestry was probably stitched by women.
> Peter Hews said:
> > Not "probably," it's on record that it was, like all such work.
> This made me blink, because I think of Peter Hews as reliable in his
> information, but I have read a lot about the Bayeux Tapestry and I know of
> nothing that records definitively who sewed it, or their gender.
> The original legend (from a later century) was that it was sewn by the
> ladies in waiting of Queen Matilde. This has been... I don't know if
> "disproved" is the word, but it has been shown to be unlikely.
> Historical consensus is that it was commissioned by Odo, Bishop of Bayeux,
> and stitched by Anglo-Saxons; I'm not sure whether the agreement that the
> stitchers were probably women is a plausible supposition - could monks not
> sew?  Women did most of the sewing, yes, but this isn't your basic shirt,
> it's both "art" and "historical record" and possibly "propaganda", though
> for which side of the channel is unclear.
> In any case, there are alternate theories about the Tapesty's creation -
> that it was encoded as Anglo-Saxon propaganda against William, that it was
> created and sewn in the lower Loire Valley, and so on. There is probably a
> theory that it was created by aliens.
> So Peter, what is the definitive record you are thinking of?
> And an ancillary question: who made Church vestments?
> namaste,
> Elizabeth
> Elizabeth Holden <azurite at azurite.ca>
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