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Mon Sep 13 03:16:51 BST 2021

On Sun, 12 Sep 2021, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> The only real difference I see between Pratchett's novels for
> young people and his novels for adults lies in the age of the protagonists.
> He doesn't write down to kids, and he spells things out for adults. I don't
> know what you'd call the writing in "Where's My Cow?" but it isn't writing
> down. Sideways, maybe.

I met Terry Pratchett a couple times when I went to Worldcons. He was a 
very affable guy who was happy to chat. He was the first person to 
recommend Mayhew's London Underworld to me as a great inspiration for 
characters and plots.

One time I asked him about the Tiffany Aching books and told him I thought 
they were directly didactic than his adult books. He agreed and said that 
that was deliberate - there was a certain amount instruction in those 

I agree he didn't write down to kids, but he was clearer about what he 


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