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Frankly I think All of Terry Pratchett's books are endearing and enjoyable.
And they are some of the books I like to read and re-read ad infinitum. And
if Rincewind were to visit me, I'd enjoy his company. Hell! I'd even offer
him a xanax or two to calm him down.

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> It's uncommon, but there are at least some Discworld fans who start out
> with The Colour of Magic and absolutely love it.
> I'm not one of those people exactly, but I seem to be part of an even
> smaller group who make a clear distinction between The Colour of Magic and
> The Light Fantastic. It's the same main characters and The Light Fantastic
> picks up right after The Colour of Magic ended, but I still think it feels
> already much more like a cohesive story with more depth and warmth in the
> characterization, one where you can sense you'll get more out of the book
> if you know the sources the text parodies but you're not as lost as with
> The Colour of Magic than if you do. Rincewind and Twoflower are both a lot
> more sympathetic than in the first book, there's no downer ending that
> makes you wonder why you even picked it up (never read The Colour of Magic
> without having The Light Fantastic ready at hand once you reach the end,
> and it's all very lighthearted and not exactly high literature but it feels
> like it's *about* something much more than TCOM does.
> All this being said, I don't want to oversell The Light Fantastic
> either... although it's *more* of a cohesive story than the first book,
> it's still way less of one than the much more solid books that would
> eventually appear, and it has continuity problems within itself as
> Pratchett was clearly more into getting through the rollercoaster of a
> story than keeping all the minor details straight.
> But I do enjoy it plenty and have read it often. And even with The Colour
> of Magic, I must say I enjoy it more than I do Pratchett's very last few
> books like Snuff, Raising Steam, and The Shepherd's Crown.
> I would also like to raise a flag in support of Sourcery, a very
> underrated early Discworld book that has a lot of heart and wise words. On
> the other hand I'm less enamoured of Mort,if we're talking early books - I
> find it unusually rote for a Discworld book.
> Elin
> Den söndag 12 september 2021 19:08:54 CEST, Elizabeth Holden <
> alzurite at gmail.com> skrev:
>  >>Gwynne: I have to say, if I'm starting a series I like to read them in
> internal
> >chronology order. And I think some of the books would lose a little if you
> >took them out of order.
> >Harry:
> >> Except that in the case of Sir Terry he did not seem to hit his stride
> > until at least _Equal Rites_,
> >Making that a good place to start.
> > and _The Colour of Magic_ and _The Light
> > Fantastic_ might have been written by a different, and FAR less
> > brilliant, author. Certainly, I found them to be less interesting and
> > enjoyable.
> >Yes.  I read on because I trusted my friends who recommended his works. I
> >think there's a steady improvement in his writing - and his thinking - for
> >a number of years, and then a glorious plateau.
> >
> >So we who love the books fear that a newcomer will read The Colour of
> Magic
> >and The Light Fantastic, and wonder what the fuss is about, and not
> >continue.
> >
> >That being said, there were books later in the series (or the series of
> >series) that I liked less than the others, and some I loved more. It's not
> >uneven, but... varied.
> >
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