[LMB] Everything except The Spirit Ring

Mieke mvanspanje at home.nl
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I almost gave up, re-reading. But Inwas looking forward to the opinions and remarks from the list.
But there hardly came any.
It is hard to be critical because I love almost all the works of miss Bujold,  especially the Vorkosiverse.

But this book has no clear composition. It starts with a father and a daughter. There would have been a lot to tell. About magic, role of a woman, being a female apprentice in the ME.
 But then the father dies in an early chapter.

Then there is magic. There are kobolds. There is mysticism. This Abby and the catholic believe.  What the h….? And why? There would be lot to tell about this father and daughter and eventually her later love, without all that.

And there is an ordinary war between two lords. (Although by the means of magic. But it is still just about greed and power.)

There would be a lot to tell about a sculptor  as great as is suggested here (Cellini).

The book is a mix of this all. All these items are brought together. And I keep thinking: Why? in its heart it seems to be a lovestory with an awsome lot of extras.

For me there is far to little of far too much.

And: Only aBout 3/4 of the book I for the first time had to laugh about someone’s self critic, always such fun in the Vorkosiverse.

Not a book I like to recommend, like I would any of her others.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Half of what we call madness is just some poor slob dealing with pain by a strategy that annoys the people around him - Lois McMaster Bujold.  

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>> When you were going through the first half of the book, what were you
>> hoping for that you didn't get? What was the last straw?
> It was some time ago and I do not remember the exact turn-off, but perhaps it was the absence of a sympathetic (to me) heroine.
> Harvey
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